Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two Down, Three To Go For This Phase

On Friday Colin received his second treatment of this phase. He will receive a total of five treatments throughout this phase in addition to two peg shots (chemo). Once again he was a trooper and told the nurse which arm to draw his blood from. We were headed for a walk while the lab processed Colin's blood but as we stepped out of the exam room one of the nurse's stopped us and told us he was ready! His ANC (absolute nutraphile count) was 1900, which is great news. His ANC must be at least 750 for him to receive treatment during this phase.

Once Colin was all hooked up he quickly told Mommy and Daddy he wanted to sit at the activity table. There we were joined by Colin's new friend, Hailey, who is two and half years old and was diagnosed with ALL when she was one. Together Colin and Hailey put together beads, played with play doe, and colored. It was great to see Colin having fun with another child since we haven't been able to have play dates. It was also nice for Mommy and Daddy to meet and talk with another family in the same situation.

After Colin's appointment it was family nap time since Maddie was up most of the night before. Once again Mommy and Maddie spent Friday night at the Doctor's office but this time the outcome was a double ear infection. This would explain why she was up the entire night before. After a quick lesson on how to piggy back Tylenol and Motrin Mommy began the process and was able to get a little more sleep that night.

This weekend we had a family outing to Lyman Orchard's where we fed the ducks. The smile on Colin's face was priceless when all the ducks walked over to him. He was trying so hard to throw the bread into the water but instead he mastered throwing it right in front of his feet! On Saturday Ms. Brenda came over to play with the kids and gave Colin his second much needed buzz cut.
Despite the Cowboy's loss, Daddy got a much needed afternoon off when he was joined by Joe and John at a sports bar to watch the playoff game.

Colin is scheduled for the PEG on Tuesday afternoon where he will receive two shots. His next treatment will be Monday the 25th.

We hope everyone has a great week!

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Julie said...

Love the new picture of Colin and Maddie! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.