Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roll Reversal

Thursday was treatment day and Colin was finally ready to receive his chemo. He received vincristine and methotrexate through IV. This was the first visit where he was very happy and played with stamps, stickers and even made Gigi a picture at the activity table in between flirting with the nurses. His appetite is still unpredictable but his stomach pains seem to be under control. We hope this was just a side effect of the antibiotic he was on. Next treatment is scheduled for Friday as long as his ANC remains above 750.

Maddison has been to the Dr three times in the past week and just about made her first trip to the ER. She has RSV, cough, wheezing, a slight fever and trouble breathing. After a clear chest x-ray and multiple breathing treatments over the past few days the Dr's were ready to send her to the ER on Thursday night. However she responded well to the steroid they gave her in the office and felt comfortable sending her home. A meal from Louise was delicious and just in time since Mommy was at the Dr from 4:00-7:00. Friday the Dr. said she sounded a little better and has put her on a steroid for four days. She was a little more irritable on Friday and just wanted Mommy to hold her. Mommy has been staying with Maddie in her room while Daddy caters to the two year old demands throughout the night.

Saturday and Sunday have been lazy days .. football and trying get rid of the germs :)

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