Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stomach Bug & Another Delay

Another long couple of days ... Mommy got the 24 hour stomach bug on Friday evening and anyone who knows Mommy will attest that she would rather give birth with no drugs than have the stomach bug. Masks were mandatory in the house and Mommy was under strict lock down in the bedroom. Daddy played a great Mr. Mom getting up with Maddie throughout the night and managing the demands of two children most of the weekend. Gigi relieved Daddy when she picked Maddie up on Sunday afternoon for an overnight. This was the first over night Maddie had in nearly four months so she was up most of the night. When you ask Gigi and Papa if Maddie will have a sleep over in the near future they smile and laugh. You know they were on cloud nine even with limited sleep.

While Maddie was at Gigi's and Papa's and Mommy in isolation with the stomach bug, Daddy and Colin geared up for the Superbowl festivities.

Monday was clinic day and unfortunately Colin's counts came down again. Last week his ANC was just under 400 and this week it was 296. As a point of reference, a normal ANC is over 2,500. An ANC of under 500 puts you at serious risk for infection. While we were prepared for another delay we were not prepared to hear they came down given that Colin was eating much better over the weekend and his energy level was up. Once again the Doctor's reassured us that this type of delay is normal and it can be from a number of things (fighting something off, side effect from one of the drugs or his body simply needs a break and time to recoup). So, Colin will not receive any drugs this week in preparation for his next visit on Monday. In the mean time there are no exceptions to our house rules:

*Sniffle, sniffle go away. Come back and play another day
*No shoes
*Wash/sanitize hands often
*No kisses (hugs okay!)
*No food sharing
*No sharing utensils


Amy said...

We'll be crossing our fingers his numbers are up on Monday. Good luck!

Unknown said...

We hope you are feeling better, and hope Colin's counts come up soon. We'll be saying prayers and keeping fingers (and toes) crossed!