Monday, February 22, 2010

Interim Maintenance Completed

Today Colin completed the Interim Maintenance phase of his treatment plan. His clinic visit was quick with a 30 minute IV of vincristine. His ANC level rose to 1728 so Mommy and Daddy were very pleased.

Colin was excited about his visit today because he got to show off his little sister, Maddie, during her first clinic appearance. He also enjoyed playing with his clinic buddy Jayden who is close in age and shares the same diagnoses date as Colin. They quickly made the clinic corner their play area with cars, activity tables and blocks.

While this concludes interim maintenance we're quickly gearing up for the next phase, delayed intensification. This phase will last approximately eight weeks and includes some additional chemotherapy drugs that Colin has not received before. Please keep those positive thoughts and prayers coming as we have been advised to anticipate some rough patches during this intensive phase of treatment.

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rchick3 said...

Colin, Congratulations on completing this phase of your treatment. God is good. I will pray for continued success as you proceed to the next phase. One day this will all be behind you. You are a strong little man. Love to Mommy and Daddy and Maddie.

Miss Ruthie