Saturday, March 6, 2010

Delayed Intesification

Well, Colin is officially in the next phase of treatment, delayed intensification, as his blood counts were above the necessary threshold to begin this phase of treatment. This marks the first phase of treatment he has been able to begin on schedule! This also marked the first visit at the new Smilow cancer center at Yale. The new center is absolutely fantastic.

As expected, it was a long day for Colin but he did very well. We arrived at clinic at 8:30 and were there until close, 5pm. He received his intrathecal dose of methotrexate through a spinal tap, then vincristine through IV and a new chemo drug that is infused over 4+ hours. He also started his next cycle of steroids on Thursday night.

On Friday Colin enjoyed playing with Auntie Courtney and Uncle Mike .. they went for a walk, colored, read and did sponge capsules. Today Colin was so excited to play outside. While mommy, Colin, Maddie and Aunt Liesl colored with chalk in the driveway, daddy and cousin Frankie put together Colin's big wheel, which was a Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa. Colin had a blast on it. Although he could not quite reach the pedals, it rolled down the driveway just fine!

Back to clinic on Monday for a PEG shot and Thursday for chemo .....Thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming!

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