Saturday, March 27, 2010

Overdue Update

The mix of the new chemo meds and steroids caught up to Colin resulting in a long couple of weeks. Since the last post we've made two trips down to Yale. The first was on Monday of this past week for an unscheduled blood check. We initiated this visit because Colin was extremely irritable and eating very little. We were glad to hear his counts were okay and ruled out a possible blood transfusion. After a couple of exams and attempts to look in Colin's mouth, the doctors came to the conclusion he may have some throat sores. His new favorite foods are milk, american cheese "straight up" (no bread) and yogurt (aka 'yo baby ... dora' strawberry flavor only). Since his counts were okay Colin started taking tylenol for the pain.

On Thursday we returned to Yale for our scheduled appointment. We were pleased to hear his blood counts continue to be high enough to eliminate the need for a transfusion. If his blood counts continue to trend well, he will begin the second phase of delayed intensification on Thursday.

Just today we started to see a glimpse of the true Colin as the steroid leaves his body .. we look forward to hearing him laugh and seeing him smile more in the coming days!

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