Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tonight we sit here looking back at a long week ... three days at clinic and a couple of long nights that included food requests and unexpected slumber parties. But once again our little guy makes us proud.

On Friday , Colin had a guest, Auntie Courtney, by his side during his red blood transfusion. This was Auntie's first visit to clinic and entertained Maddie while Colin and Mommy prepared for the transfusion and eventually got cozy in the big green chair... did we tell you the new chairs are heated? Colin's energy level is pretty low so he was happy just watching videos and only made a small dent in the library.

Almost immediately Colin regained color in his face and his energy level increased over the weekend ... we were happy to hear "Mommy, play" again. Next treatment is scheduled for Thursday.

Maddie also shocked us all and fell asleep in Auntie's arms ... was it Auntie's touch, all the stimulation from the colors and people or exhaustion from playing in the clinic's pac and play? Guess we'll never know but we're very happy and thankful for all the additions to the clinic which has helped to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

p.s. note to self never buy Colin a grilled cheese with orange cheese. After testing one Colin rejected it and sent Daddy on a mad search in downtown New Haven for a grilled cheese with white cheese. After buying a few slices from a local restaurant and treking back to the hospital cafe for a second attempt , Daddy finally returned with an approved sandwich.

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Amy said...

He is SUCH a brave, beautiful, tough, sweet kid. He melts me with every new story, bless his heart. Though most of us at Oxford have never met him, please know that he's loved and thought of every day!