Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treatment Day

Here we are sitting in the new clinic which is now equipped with a computer room. So, while Colin and Daddy get some shut eye I thought I would give everyone a quick update...

Over the last couple of days the chemo and steroid has started to take a toll on Colin. He's very irritable, tired and hungry. The food of choice seems to be grilled cheese with a record high of six and a half in one day with the first request coming in at 2:30 am! We've had a number of nights where Colin has asked to go to bed which is very uncommon and just a few hours later he's up asking to play or read books. This starts our long nights while it snowballs into waking Maddie up and vice versa.

Today started bright and early with the first grilled cheese request at 1:00 am. And, I'm not sure if Colin is passing his hunger onto Maddie but she was awfully hungry last night waking four times to eat!

While I'm typing this update Colin is receiving his second round of chemotherapy for this phase. Our visit started around 8:30 and will end around 4:00 due to the infusion time necessary for this round of chemo drugs.

We'll be treking back down here in the morning so Colin can receive a red blood transfusion. Please keep those thoughts and prayers coming our way.

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Amy said...

Bless his sweet little grilled cheese lovin' heart!! Prayers and good thoughts are being sent each and every day.