Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update from GiGi!

Hi everyone - it's GiGi here,

Today I have been honored to come to the clinic with Colin and stay while he has his treatment. My usual assignment is to stay with Maddie at home but today I have been assigned a different task. While Colin now sits and watches Elmo and Bob the Builder in rotation I am amazed at how well he and his mother have made an otherwise scary day into a routine for all. After arriving and getting prepped for chemo, there were special hi's and hugs around for everyone.

The staff who are now all d entrenched at the Smilow Hospital are caring, calm and nurturing to everyone. Colin has read at least ten books with a volunteer, played with clay and play dough with another two young boys, and during all this the infusion room has become filled as more and more children come in and get 'hooked up'. It is an amazing site. These kids behave like mini adults taking all this in stride, parents have lunches packed, and exchange stories while kids socialize, play with each other and set up card games. It is as peaceful as a serious place like this can be.

There is much to be said for parents who have children who fight this dreaded disease. They are truly angels and I am thankful especially for the parents of my munchkins, they are being prepared for sainthood right here on earth. We all love you, keep up the good work.

There are not enough compliments for the new Smilow Hospital and I applaud all the staff and the facility itself. Even the healing garden, just off the infusion room is amazing but as any parent or grandparent will agree, our wish is for a cancer free life for our kids. Think good thoughts as you think about Colin and as you pass by the wonderful facility and its staff at the new Smilow Hospital in New Haven that treats our munchkin and many of his new friends. Be happy that you haven't had to come inside and be thankful that it's there for those who do.

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