Monday, February 15, 2010

Treatment Today!

Today Colin woke up at 5 am asking for milk. (yikes!) Although his appointment was not scheduled until 9:30, we arrived at clinic by 8:30 in hopes of getting a jump on the anticipated wait for his blood work to come back from the lab. Oh, did I mention that Colin could not eat or drink after bedtime last night in preparation for procedures tentatively scheduled for today's visit......blood was drawn at nine and by 10 we received the good news that Colin's counts were high enough for treatment. Yay!

Treatment consisted of vincristine and methotrexate through IV and a spinal tap. By 12:30, the spinal tap was done and Colin was able to eat and drink. He started off with 2 sippy cups of milk, 2 cheese sticks, 1 banana, 1 granola bar, 4 chicken nuggets and a cupful of goldfish. It was great to see him eating so well!

We were back home by 2:30 with Colin sound asleep.

Back to clinic on Thursday for a peg shot (chemo injection) and to schedule Colin's last clinic visit for this phase of treatment.


Neen Kelley said...

Oh Heathear I am praying that Colin's counts stay high so he can have his treatment and you guys can move onto the next phase of treatment. You guys have been through so much...lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.

Amy said...

He's SUCH a rock star!!! Way to go Colin!