Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Day in the ER

Today was a long day. Colin has eaten next to nothing over the last five days and this morning he vomited three times. The doctors were concerned that Colin was dehydrated and possibly developing an infection. Since the clinic was full they had us visit the ER. Once there Colin had another chest x-ray which came back clear. No bacterial infection was identified in his blood sample. His blood counts were good so they filled him up with fluids and after five and half hours we made our way home. Once again he was a trooper and only complained when they accessed his port.

Maddie spent some time with Nanny and Poppy and then GiGi brought her home to her house to see Papa. You should hear her giggle, cough and wheeze .. back to the Doctor we go.

Regular treatment day is tomorrow so we head back down there in the morning.

Both are tucked in and sleeping so we are going to do the same. Good Night.

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