Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a Great Weekend!

Colin's counts are up and Maddie is feeling better so our weekend began with a walk on the bike path with Aunt Liesl on Friday afternoon. Not sure who was more tired Colin or Aunt Liesl. When we got home Colin said "Mommy, Teddy" went and got teddy and started walking to his room where he proceeded to say "nighty nighty, ready". Later that afternoon Colin, Maddie and Mommy went over to GiGi and Papa's house for pizza. Colin ate a piece of pizza!!

On Saturday morning we had a family field trip to Gozzi's turkey farm where we saw turkeys of all colors. Later that afternoon Mommy and Daddy went on an over due date ... windows out of the wrangler, sunset at Hammonasset, dinner and ice cream. Colin and Maddie spent the night with Gigi, Papa, Auntie Courtney, Nanny and Poppy. Colin had a great time staying up way past his bed time and Maddie screamed the whole time we were gone.

Another day in 50's on Sunday so we headed over to Brookvale farm where we visited all the animals (rabbits, donkey, pony, rooster, peacock and goats). After the farm we hit the big Cheshire jungle gym where Colin went from the slides to the swings to the sand pits. Maddie had a great time watching her brother run around with Daddy and she even got a little sun! After the park Colin and Daddy went to McDonald's for the first time. Colin ate a few french fries but wasn't interested in the nuggets.

Gearing up for a short holiday week. Next treatment day is Wednesday.

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