Thursday, November 19, 2009

Treatment Day

Today Colin knew it was treatment day as soon as he woke up. Seems like he wakes up super early on Thursday's and when he doesn't get his milk right away it's a sure sign. But the sure give away is when Gigi arrives.

Colin received his chemotherapy through a spinal tap and Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more proud of him. Today, he talked through some of it naming all our family members and how he wanted to go for a walk with Gavin's car when we got home. This was a first.

After the procedure he drank his milk, ate a cheese stick and a cup of jello. The most he's eaten in five days! Once home he was pooped and took a 3+ hour nap.

Maddie is still wheezing and hasn't slept much today so we're looking forward to Aunt Liesl's Shepard's pie tonight, bath and bed. Next scheduled treatment is next Wednesday.

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