Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 29

Final Dose 11/2: The evening of 11/2 Colin celebrated his last dose of Pepcid and Dexamethasone (steroid). Once again he took it without any trouble with his yogurt. Below is a picture of all the meds Colin took twice a day to this point.
Pepcid - coats the stomach for the steroid
Dexamethasone - steroid (2 pills)
Sulfamethoxazole - helps prevent pneumonia
Mirilax - prevents constipation
Emla - cream numbs his port

Rough Night 11/2: Colin was up a lot throughout the night, could it have been because Mommy and Daddy told Colin he was going to the doctor in the morning?

Day 29 Chemo Treatment - 11/3: Colin had to fast since midnight and started asking for milk around 4 am ... he was not a happy camper. We quickly packed up and headed down to Yale at 7:30.. we were about half an hour early which is a Westbrook trait however this was part of Mommy and Daddy's strategy ;) Around 9:30 Colin had a chemo spinal tap and a bone marrow aspiration. Once again he held both Mommy and Daddy's hands while looking into our eyes. The doctors and nurses say these procedures are harder for Mommy and Daddy to watch then it is on Colin. The procedure took a little longer than usual so Mommy and Daddy asked a bunch of questions. All was fine, just another doctor's style.

ER Visit 11/3: Colin's treatment area bled more than usual so after two phone calls to the clinic they advised us to head down to the ER to have it checked. We arrived around 6:00pm. Mommy went in to Register and Daddy and Colin followed however he noticed everyone in the ER wearing masks so they stayed in the doorway until the Nurse asked us to wait in the car until a room was available. This was a precaution because of the flu. Within 15 minutes she came outside and asked us to come in. Mommy, Daddy and Colin all wore our masks as we entered the ER. Once in the room we spoke to numerous nurses and doctors who were in touch with Colin's Oncology team. Colin had his first ultra sound to ensure he wasn't bleeding internally - results came back clear. Colin also had another blood draw and confirmed his counts were the same as in the morning which was good news. All home and in bed by midnight.

Day after treatment: Today Colin had a nice sleep in, waking up at 9:15. He was still pretty hungry but Mommy and Daddy saw a glimpse of Colin's true happy go lucky personality coming back as the steroids start to leave his body.

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