Thursday, November 12, 2009

Remission, Rapid Responder

Today the doctor's confirmed Colin's test results and he is officially in remission with less than 0.01% cancer cells found. This means Colin is now in the next phase, consolidation!! Based on his positive prognostic factors he was placed in the low risk treatment plan. Within that treatment, he was randomized on an arm where he will receive additional chemotherapy. This phase will last for 28 days and consists of a few new drugs. Once again he was so brave today when receiving his first set of treatment for this phase. Part of his chemo was through a spinal tap (methotrexate), another part through IV (vincristine), the third through injection (PEG-Asparaginase) and the fourth orally (mercaptopurine). At this appointment he also was treated for his cough. They took an x-ray of his chest to make sure there was no infection as well as a swab test. Both of which came back fine. During our visit he had a coughing attack so he received a breathing treatment and is now on an inhaler just like Maddie.

Next appointment is on Monday for a blood check and they will check his chest again for the cough.

Maddie has been back to the Doctor because of her cough/wheezing and slight fever but the Doctor reassured us that her cough/wheezing is probably spiking right now and we should see an improvement over the next couple of days. She remains on the inhaler.

Signed tired Mommy and Daddy :)

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