Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4th Week Postponed ... Sigh of Relief

Once again, we arrived at clinic hoping Colin would be able to begin his next round of treatment. Once again, his ANC was not high enough. He was at 286 and needs to be at least 750. As he has now gone this long with low counts, he had a bone marrow aspiration. The nurse practitioner who performed the procedure was fantastic. Given the holiday season, results from the tests may haven taken up to 24 hrs to prepare. However, she walked the test down to lab and called us later in the day with the results. The results did not indicate any presence of leukemia cells. Needless to say, we had a huge sigh of relief.

Colin has also been on a 3 day per week cycle of an antibiotic to prevent a type of pneumonia since his diagnosis. However, the antibiotic is known to cause marrow suppression (resulting in low ANC) in some. We will take him off this antibiotic and start a new type in hope that this may help his counts. SO....Back to the regularly scheduled program next week ... treatment on Thursday as long as Colin's counts have rebounded. Let's all pray for a good week and a happy healthy new year!

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