Monday, December 7, 2009

Lots of Firsts

This past weekend Maddie had cereal for the first time! She enjoyed it more than we thought....she's like a little bird and opens her mouth wide each time the spoon comes near. If you're not careful she'll grab the spoon out of your hand and try and feed herself. It's pretty funny to watch because she hasn't mastered the whole hand eye coordination yet. You never know where the spoon is going to end up .. anywhere but her mouth!

We also got our first snow storm this weekend, well if you call it that... a dusting. Daddy and Colin were so excited they had to get all bundled up and head out to see the snow. He even had to bring a little snowball inside as a present for mommy. Nice!

Mommy also started back to work last week, working two and a half days. Although it was hard to go, Colin was very excited to see Gigi and Papa for the first day and Grandpa and Grandma for day two.

We've made our first ALL friend, Hannah, who is 18 months old and has the same diagnosis as Colin. She is four weeks behind Colin and hopes to come home from the hospital tomorrow. Hopefully Colin will get a chance to meet her soon but in the mean time Mommy and Daddy look forward to sharing stories as we progress through this journey.
Finally, Colin also had steak for the first time! He loved it.

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