Sunday, December 13, 2009


On Thursday, Colin was to begin interim maintenance. This phase lasts for eight weeks and includes multiple chemo drugs given through IV. This phase is also count dependent which means if Colin's blood counts come back low, treatment is postponed until his blood counts recover. Unfortunately his ANC count nosedived and start of treatment was postponed until after his blood counts are checked again next week. We've been assured that this is not unusual and something not to be alarmed about. ANC refers to the number of infection fighting cells. The lower the number, the more prone he is for infection. He must have an ANC count of at least 750 for treatment . He was at 200 on Thursday.

Friday night Daddy and Grandpa held down the fort while Mommy and Grandma went to the third annual Greening Girl's cookie swap. The attendance grows each year as does the variety of cookies we all get to take home!

Saturday Colin spent the day with his Aunt Liesl and cousin Frankie while mommy and daddy started and almost completed their Christmas shopping! He had lots of fun! He also worked up an appetite and had a full bowl of Mac N Cheese for dinner (this appears to be his new favorite food..Kraft only though!)

Today was the holiday party in West Haven sponsored by the Tommy Fund and the Yale Children's Oncology Group. It was a fun day and included a visit from Santa! Colin wanted no part of Santa, but Maddie loved him, even tugging on his beard and giggling. Colin flirted with his new friend Hannah while Mommy and Daddy exchanged stories with her parents. It was also comforting to be surrounded by others and seeing family's at various stages in recovery. While we've been in touch with other family's who have previously been through this journey it's important for us to have a support system of family's currently going through this process as well.