Thursday, December 24, 2009

Third Week Postponed

Our normal Thursday routine started a day earlier this week due to Christmas. When Gigi arrived, Colin knew it was treatment day and got into serious mode. Once again he told the nurse what arm he wanted her to draw the blood from and the order of the vital signs. Because his counts weren't ready last week they had us wait for the results. It seemed like the never ending morning as we waited .. clinic was very busy because of the holiday so it took nearly two and a half hours to get the results. Again, Colin's counts were not high enough for treatment. While his hemoglobin count has increased his ANC level is extremely low (170). The ANC level must be at 750 for him to proceed with treatment. Colin's favorite new Dr (Dr. Joe) reassured us that this happens from time to time and he is not too concerned. He also stressed how Colin should not be in public places or around anyone who is sick because his immune system is very low. Should Colin's counts continue to be low next week he will have a bone marrow aspirate to to test the marrow. However, the Dr's and Nurse's are confident that the results will be negative for cancer cells but is required under protocol. A benefit of this test is that it may stimulate his marrow to boost production of blood cells and give us peace of mind that he remains in remission.

Despite a very long wait for the blood count results, we managed to keep Colin entertained with books and more books. He also enjoyed playing Santa while handing out gifts and cards (compliments of Aunt Ginny) to all his Doctor and Nurse friends.

Mike and I have taken this news pretty hard since we had convinced ourselves he was ready this week but today is a new day and while we have this on our minds we have decided we need to put it aside and make this a truly special and Merry Christmas holiday for our family.


Unknown said...

Sending you all hugs and positive thoughts for Colin to have higher counts in the weeks to come. I know this is the toughest journey of your lives thus far; know that we are with you every step of the way. You are in our prayers. Love to you all this holiday, LuLu

Julian Trotman said...

Hi guys,

I can understand your disappointment. I hope that Santa was paying attention and left a rising ANC in Colin's stocking so that he can start Consolidation this week.

Good luck at clinic this week. Go Colin, go!