Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dr. Day

Today both Colin and Maddie had Dr. visits...

Colin had his last treatment of this phase today. His treatment consisted of two injections. Once again he did great and Colin and Daddy went to visit the owls we spotted outside the ER. Now it has become part of the hospital routine. Colin's counts have decreased so we'll be watching him closely. Next treatment is next Thursday.

Maddie had her four month check up today and the results are in:
Height - 25" (75%)
Weight - 16lbs 2.5 oz (95%)
Head Circumference - 43cm (50%)
She received two vaccines today so Colin will be able to take her band-aids off tonight.

After both Dr. visits we made a quick visit at Brenda's house so Colin could play with the kids since it was 65 out today. It was great to see him doing laps around the house with Ryan, Jess and Liam. We also covered Brenda's driveway with chalk drawings during our visit.

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